Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angelina Jolie VS. Megan Fox, new war in Hollywood covers Life & Style Magazine June 2009

Angelina Jolie VS. Megan Fox, new war in Hollywood covers Life & Style Magazine June 2009. Life & Style reports on a new war in Hollywood. According to the magazine, Angelina Jolie was pushed aside for a movie role by the younger, sexier clone of herself. Ouch! Now, Angelina is panicking about growing older and will do anything to compete. The woman that still goes by a first name and last - Megan Fox - is taking on the woman who only needs one name - Angelina!

Angelina Jolie celebrated her 34th birthday on June 4. But while she should have been relaxing with beau Brad Pitt and their six kids, she was instead being forced to watch her back.

Just days earlier, Hollywood producer Dan Lin announced that he was planning a new installment of Angie’s Tomb Raider series, which turned the actress into a star and has grossed a whopping $431 million worldwide. But he doesn’t seem to be considering Angie for the lead this time around — because, he confessed, she’s simply too old.

“It’s a great origin story that we’re going to tell,” said Lin, who recently produced Terminator Salvation. “So it’s a younger Lara Croft.” Anyone in particular in mind for the lead role? Transformers star Megan Fox, she noted, was a “no-brainer.”

No wonder: Megan, a dark-haired beauty with full lips and an edgy reputation, has often been compared to Angelina. But Angie isn’t flattered by the comparison — or the suggestion that Megan, 23, may be ready to replace her. “Angie is not thrilled about turning 34, to put it mildly,” says a friend. “In fact, she’s panicking a little. She feels that her age is starting to undercut her choice of film roles — and it annoys her that Megan Fox is being touted as the ‘new Angelina.’

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