Saturday, August 1, 2009

Former President Corazon Aquino: People power icon, passes away at 76

Former President Corazon Aquino: People power icon, passes away at 76. Corazon Aquino, the country’s first woman president, died yesterday at 3:18 a.m. at the Makati Medical Center after an 18-month battle with colon cancer. She was 76.

She had fulfilled her mission to lead her people from the oppression of a dictatorship toward democracy. She never let her guard down. The world honored – and continues to honor – her for this.

“Our mother peacefully passed away at 3:18 a.m., Aug. 1, 2009, of cardio-respiratory arrest,” Mrs. Aquino’s only son Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III announced from the lobby of the Makati Medical Center around 6 a.m. yesterday. Even as Senator Aquino spoke, thousands of yellow ribbons fluttered on the streets around the hospital, the avenues winding through the metropolis, the thoroughfares crisscrossing country. Yellow was the color of protest against the Marcos dictatorship and Mrs. Aquino ascended to the presidency clad in fighting yellow.

"Tita Cory" or Auntie Cory, President Corazon Aquino of the free Philippines, 1933-2009, Inspirational pro-Democracy People's Leader!

[reuters newsimage, 1997,]

An inspiration to countless people around the world, Corazon Aquino, the surprise People's Leader who toppled the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship of the Philippines, has died of cancer at 76 years.

She started a fire, one which saw the ouster of Marcos, the downing of the Berlin wall and so much more tremendous history of the victories over totalitarian dictatorships in the late 20th...

Thank you, Tita Cory... Rest well... you deserve it. BTW, "Laban!" means "Fight!"

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