Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miss Russia 2009, Sofia Rudieva in her scandalous photos

Miss Russia 2009, Sofia Rudieva in her scandalous photos. "The most beautiful woman in Russia", Sofia Rudieva who is only 18, Russia's next supermodel. Sofia Rudieva, newly-crowned Miss Russia 2009, is currently an internet sensation after her scandalous photos mostly showing off her upper private parts appeared in the Russian website Perfect10 last Monday.

Sofia Rudieva a.k.a. Sofia Rudeva was crowned Miss Russia 2009 in March, becoming the successor in a long line of beautiful Russian women to win that title. By late March, Russian tabloids leaked pictures of Miss Rudieva in erotic poses. And by erotic, about topless and bottomless poses obviously. Competition rules say that candidates should not appear in pornographic pictures or videos. So Sofia Rudieva is to be dethroned due to the nude pictures after the scandal exploded in the Russian media. The nude photos of Sofia Rudieva were leaked online right after she won the crown but it is believed they were originally published on the online version of Perfect 10 magazine a before year.

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